Saturday, 21 March 2015

Paid Online Survey Weekly Update

What is new this week?

I recently updated the review of paid online survey websites for Australians page adding a few columns and also allowing the table to be sortable. If there are any issues with it please be sure to let me know. 

I have since found out after joining that Your Voice is connected to Opinion World and give the same surveys. Unfortunately this means that you can only get credit for the survey on the first website you complete it on. As Opinion World is providing me better rewards I have decided to cease activity on Your Voice and continue with Opinion World as I am a fan of the double points and instant cash out. 

My first payment came through from Toluna for $20 via PayPal, taking around 8 days between request and payment. 

New Paid Online Survey Websites

I joined two new survey websites this week, Prize rebel and Cash Crate. Both seem to have a high survey frequency and have various earning opportunities.

Stay tuned for the full reviews.

Weekly Earnings Update

This week was my first week with over $100 earned from surveys.

Survey Website Overall
Opinion World $117.60 $13.20
Vindale Research $52.17 $19.40
Your Opinion $18.30 $8.30
Valued Opinion $11.50 $6.50
My Survey $10.40 0
Spider Metrix $15.50 $4.83
Your Voice $6.00 0
Global Test Market $23.87 $18.62
Prize Rebel $8.55 $8.55
Toluna $32.16 $10.98
Cash Crate $12.00 $12.00
TOTAL $308.05 $102.38

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