Monday, 16 March 2015

Latest Paid Online Survey Redemptions

I made my fourth redemption from a paid online survey website and my second redemption from Opinion World tonight. It was instantly in my account and I wasn't aware until now that you can redeem any amount over 500 points, it doesn't have to be in 500 points increments, so I redeemed 1105 points equalling $22.10. 
My Survey's payment took a few days to come through but it showed up eventually. I still don't think I will bother continuing as their survey system boots you out half way through too many surveys. 
I also have a payment from Toluna which was submitted on the 12th and is still pending so I will update when that is in.

Paid Online Survey Proof of Payment 

Paid Online Survey - Proof of Payment - $22.10 and $80 from Survey Sampling International LLC and $10 from Airpoints. Inc
$22.10+$80 from Opinion World and $10 from My Survey

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