Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Paid Online Survey Weekly Update

Considering I have been a member of various paid online survey websites for the last month I thought I would start posting at the end of each week with a tally of earnings to date and the status of claims.

One Month of Paid Online Surveys.

Vindale Research - $32.77 [weekly earnings $9.27]
Toluna - $21.18 (63525 points) [weekly earnings $21.18]
Global Test Market - $5.25 (130 points) [weekly earnings $5.25]
Spider Metrix - $10.67 (64 points) [weekly earnings $10.67]
Your Opinion - $10 [weekly earnings $0]
My Survey - $0.40 (45 points) + $10 via Pay-pal (Pending) [weekly earnings $0]
Your Voice - $6  (60 points) [weekly earnings $1]
Opinion World - $24.40 (1220 points) + $80 via Pay-pal (received instantly) [weekly earnings $7.50]
Total  - $200.27

Best paid online survey websites this week

Toluna was added to the list of survey sites, there is an abundance of surveys available so that was the main earner this week with $21.18. Spider Metrix, Vindale research and Opinion World also made around $10 each. These sites all have a high number of surveys so they currently seem the best to sign up to. 

Worst online survey websites this week 

My Survey
Your Voice
Your Opinion

I got annoyed with My Survey over the past couple of weeks. I would get to 60-80% through the survey and then get booted randomly. It got frustrating so I just decided to cash out, unfortunately I'm still waiting on the funds in my Pay-pal account. Only one survey for Your Voice which was a bit poor. I think I will plug away at this until I hit the minimum Pay-pal threshold and then cash out like I did for My Survey. As is the same case for Your Opinion. There just aren't enough surveys with some paid online survey sites going days without a survey.

Check back frequently for updates.

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