Friday, 6 March 2015

Paid Online Survey Update

After around 3 weeks of being a member of various survey sites I have amassed a reasonable number of points and dollar values.
Your Opinion - $10
Vindale Research - $23.50
Opinion World - $16.90 (845 points) + $80 cashed out via instant Paypal
My Survey - $10.40 (1195 points)
Your Voice - $5 (50 points)
Total = $145 - It isn't a full time income but it is a bit of extra cash to pay for stuff like phone bills and make some online purchases.

It seems like Vindale and Opinion World are the best survey sites so far as they have the highest number of paid surveys and the rewards for each survey are decent for the time spent.

Join them here:
Vindale Research
Opinion World

Check out my summary of all the paid online survey sites in my review of Australian survey websites. 

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