Thursday, 2 April 2015

CashCrate April 2015 Competition - Win Cash Prizes

Cash crate is currently holding a competition for the top 46 'crate' earners until the 13th of may.
There is over $600 in the prize pool with $106 for first.

How do you earn crates?

You earn 1 Crate in addition to the usual cash payment for Shopping Purchases, Approved Cash Offers, Approved Bonus Offers as well as Approved Surveys on the Surveys Page, Top Surveys Page and Bonus Surveys Page.

I have been completing various offers and with just over an hour spent, I have managed to earn 14 crates which at the time of posting puts me in 30th position and currently standing to win $5.

Want to see how I spend my time on CashCrate for maximum benefit?