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Vindale Research is a paid online survey website linked to My Survey, Global Test Market Australia and Toluna, because of this there is always a large number of survey opportunities.

How to Make Money on Vindale Research

When you join Vindale you will receive $2 for completing your profile surveys. You will also be credited another $2 for completing the 'accelerated training tutorial' where you fill out a short questionnaire after completing your first survey. 

Global Test Market Daily Study and Consumer Topics Surveys

Global Test Market daily studies are worth $1.75 each and generally take 10-15 minutes to complete. Consumer topics surveys are short 5-10 minute surveys where you get paid $1. You are able to complete up to 10 daily studies and consumer topics surveys each day, although I have never got close to this number.

Normal Paid Surveys

The majority of your income will come from completing the normal surveys for Vindale and can be anywhere from 2-20 minutes and pay $0.36 to a couple of dollars.

High Paying Surveys

Occasionally there are high paying surveys available, these are targeting a very specific demographic and if you qualify are very well worth it. One example was a survey looking for people who had arrived by shuttle transport to the Brisbane airport in the last 6 months. 

Vindale Research - $10.59 for a 5 minute survey.
Get Paid $10.59 for 5 minutes with high paying surveys on Vindale Research

Is Vindale Research Worth It?

There is an abundance of paid online surveys to participate in with reasonable rewards for your efforts. I was able to make around $13 in my first hour whilst watching TV just completing a few surveys. Out of all the paid online survey websites so far, Vindale Research has the shortest profile survey which takes less than one minute and also rewards you $2 for filling it out.
Within a day of being a member I was able to make $23 due to the initial build up of surveys and the surveys are frequently updated so I receive around $10-15 per week or more if I have time. 

This will be one of the paid online survey websites to keep on the bookmark list!

Vindale Research's Payment Methods

Unfortunately Vindale Research has the highest payout threshold out of all of the paid online review websites I have trialled so far, $50 increments paid out on the 15th and 31st of each month.
Payments are made by either PayPal or cheque, with the cheque taking a couple of weeks for mailing.

Referrals at Vindale Research

The referral system rewards you $5 for each person who you invite and completes their first survey.
Be warned though - these people cant live in your home or share your computer or you will be banned as has happened to some people.

Vindale Research Review Summary


  • High survey number.
  • Reasonable reward for effort.
  • Short Profile which takes less than 1 minute and is worth $2.
  • $5 bonus for each $50 redemption if you post a selfie on the Vindale blog. 


  • Fortnightly pay out.
  • Pay out amounts in $50 increments.
  • Some surveys don't redirect to the completion page so you need to wait for credit for those. 

Want to join me and make money today doing online surveys with Vindale Research?

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