Paid Online Survey Review: Toluna Review

Ways to Make Money at Toluna 

There are two ways to earn points on Toluna, surveys and quick polls. You receive around 2000 points for completing your registration and profile surveys. Once you are a member then surveys pay between 1500 and 7000 points depending on the survey length. There is an abundance of surveys and I haven't had any issues being booted mid survey. Polls are quick 1 question surveys which reward you 15 points each.  

Tolunas's Payment Methods

Toluna offers PayPal, Prepaid Visa/eftpos cards, a variety of gift cards and charity donations. 
All rewards start at $20 for 60000 points and increase up to $50 for 150000 points. Be warned though that the physical cards can take up to 8 weeks for delivery. 
Charity donations are $5 for 1500 points. 
For my first redemption I chose $20 PayPal and it was in my account within 8 days. 

Want proof of this payment as well as see which other survey sites pay? 
Check out my payment history.

Tolunas's Giftie Concept

One thing that is unique to Toluna out of any of the survey websites I have trialled so far is the option to purchase a giftie for 50-500 points. Gifties are virtual representations of items you would like to have and once you buy a giftie for yourself or a friend you can then open it to potentially receive the item. Some of the gifties of interest include:
 $50 gift cards - 150 points 
PS Vita, Nespresso coffee machine or $500 flight centre gift card - 500 points.
I have bought a couple of gifties but I haven't won yet.

Toluna Review Summary


  • High survey frequency
  • Cool concept of gifties


  • Slow gift/visa card delivery (up to 8 weeks)

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