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Ways to Earn on Spider Metrix

Spider Metrix is a simple survey website where you will get paid to complete short 1 question surveys which lead to longer surveys if you are in the target demographic. So even if you aren't in the target demographic you will still get 1 point.
With longer surveys generally 1 point equates to 1 minute of recommended time for the survey. There is also '++' surveys and these take around 20 minutes with payment increasing based on your earnings level. 
300 points can be redeemed for $50 so 1 point  is about 17c.

Spider Metrix Tiered System

The Spider Metrix tiered system allows you to earn significantly more for ++ surveys. Once you reach 500 points ~$83 earnings you will start receiving around $8.50 for each 20 minute survey.

Daddy Long Legs: 0-100 points; 20 points ++ survey
Redback: 101-200 points; 25 points per ++ survey 
Funnel Web: 201-300 points; 33 points per ++ survey
Tarantula: 301-400 points; 40 points per ++ survey
Black Widow: Over 500 points; 50 points per ++ survey

Spider Metrix's Payment Method

Spider Metrix is a points for survey website where you can redeem your points for PayPal, amazon vouchers or charity donations. Once you reach 300 points you can redeem this for $50 PayPal or Amazon voucher and increments go up by $25. Charity donations start at $1 for 12 points and increase from there.  

Spider Metrix Review Summary


  • Short 1 question surveys which pay 1 point and lead to longer surveys
  • Once you reach the highest level then you will be making $8.50 for a 20 minute survey. 


  • None yet. 

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