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Prize Rebel is a get paid to website similar to Cash Crate. It is connected to a variety of partner sites

Ways to Earn Money at Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel has all of the normal earning opportunities that other Paid to Click websites have. Surveys will make up the most of your earnings but there is also videos, bonus offers and tasks.
Daily surveys from Global Test Market and Your Survey pay 60 points and 37.5 points. Like most daily surveys you can keep clicking until you get a time that you like so these generally take between 5 and 10 minutes. Your Survey also has longer surveys which pay 70 points. in the offer wall also has surveys which pay around 50 points and take between 3 and 10 minutes, If it takes longer than this I just exit and move on.

Videos pay 1 point each and you can open multiple windows so the video plays whilst you do a survey or something. This is an easy way of making a little more money whilst you are already taking surveys.

Prise Rebel also holds a fortnightly competition for the highest earner in various categories such as offers, tasks, offer wall, surveys and referrals. First place for each category pays up to $10 and go down to 10th for a dollar or two.

Daily challenge
The daily challenge at Prise rebel is a level based system where the first level is for around 100 points earned and pays 10 points and goes up by 10 points each level and around 100 points per level. Make sure you collect your earnings once you hit each level as the next level the counter start back at 0.

Monthly bonus
For levels beyond gold you get between 1 and 7% of your earnings paid monthly as a bonus.

Lucky numbers
There is a weekly copetition where you can buy tickets into the lucky numbers draws. You select 4 numbers and if 2 or 3 match you get paid 50 and 150 points respectively and if you match all 4 numbers then you win the jackpot which is over 10000 points.

Prize Rebel's Payment Methods

Prize rebel payments start at $5 for PayPal or gift cards, although you need to get to gold (3000 points earned) to cash out PayPal.

Prize Rebel Review Summary


  • Lots of earning opportunities


  • None yet. 
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