Making Money from Paid Online Surveys - Payment History

I will be keeping track of all my payments for each month from various paid online survey websites.
and posting a photo/PayPal screenshot for proof.

March 2015 - TOTAL: $96.50

Unfortunately a couple of my payment for march were late coming in so I will be including those in Aprils tally, this means that the payments for march is over $100 less than what it should be. 

Want to see all this months payment proofs? check out my March 2015 Payments.

Feb 2015 - TOTAL: $80

As I had only just begun my survey taking journey, I only had one redemption payment in February - Opinion world for $80
Want to see the full payment proof? check out February 2015 Payments.

PayPal screenshot of $80 payment from Opinion World (Survey Sampling International LLC)