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Opinion World Logo - "What do you think?"

Opinion World was one of the first few survey websites I signed up to and I was able to make over $100 in my first month. The website is very user friendly and to takes surveys all you have to do is click on one of the many 'take a survey' buttons around the site. This randomly selects the surveys in whatever order so you are unable to pick and choose which surveys you want to complete or how many are available for that day.

Ways to Earn at Opinion World 

You gain points for completing surveys and various community achievements. The majority of your earnings will come from survey which are frequently available and the reward for each survey seems to be pretty decent. Once I got to around 1000 points and had completely filled out my profile I started to receive double points for each survey. This makes it worth while as I am frequently offered surveys which take 5-10 minutes and provide 120-150 points which equates to $2.40-$3.
I was also emailed the option to complete a 4.5 hour survey for Nielsen which took around an hour and a week later I was credited with $30 (1500 points).

Opinion World's Payment Methods 

Like most other survey websites, Opinion World offer a wide range wide range of gift card rewards and PayPal cash out. One thing that sets Opinion World apart from the other survey websites I have tried is the PayPal is instant. -That's right, no waiting or wondering if your payment is coming. 
Another thing that sets Opinion World apart from a lot of the other redemption survey sites is you can redeem any amount over the minimum $10 in 2c (1 point) increments. 

I made my first redemption from Opinion World for $80 and it was in my PayPal account within minutes.

Want proof of this payment as well as see which other survey sites pay? 
Check out my payment history.

Opinion World Review Summary


  • Instant Paypal cash out. 
  • Double points for being a 'valuable member'.
  • High survey frequency.
  • Reasonable rewards for each survey ~$2-3.
  • Option to get emailed for longer surveys with higher paying rewards.
  • 2c increments. above the $10 minimum redemption.


  • Cant pick which surveys you want to complete or see how many are available.

Start making money online today with Opinion World.

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