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Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of surveys which boot you out half way though and don't get credit. Occasionally I was also booted half way through saying enough responses had been collected, not sure if this is due a large population or a small survey number. For these reasons I have chosen not to continue with My Survey butt may be worth trying for some people as I may have just been in a high population demographic for the site.

Ways to Earn on My Survey

There is a high frequency of surveys and reasonable reward for each. My survey offers between 90 and 300 points for most surveys which is among the higher pay for time out of the sites trialled so far.

My Survey's Payment Methods

My Survey has the lowest payment threshold, only $5 (575 points), I have experienced out of any of the paid online survey websites so far. They have PayPal and gift card redemptions, with my PayPal redemption taking 8 days. 

My Survey Tiered System

My Survey has a tiered system like several other survey websites. The higher tiers get bonus points on each survey as well as entries into larger prize draws including an Ipad, an ounce of gold and your utilities bills paid for a year to the value of $2500
My Survey Paid Survey Tiered Points System
Earnings for level: Platinum = $87, Gold = $43.50 & Silver = $17.40

My Survey Review Summary


  • High survey number.
  • $5 payment threshold
  • Payment on Request 


  • Booted out with out credit several times
  • Large population/small survey number?

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