How to Make Money at CashCrate

Earning Priorities at CashCrate 

1. Daily surveys

- These pay the highest out of all the surveys.
My favourites are the Global Test Market Surveys and the Your Survey AU surveys as these have no issues with completion and don't require you to sign up to another site. 
The best part is if you get a survey that has a completion time of greater than 20 minutes -just exit that survey and return to CashCrate until you have a completion time that you like. 
The GTM survey pays $1.20 and the Your Survey pays $0.80 and for 5-10 minute surveys that isn't too bad. 

2. Bonus Surveys 
The Bonus Surveys tab is my next stop when I'm on CashCrate. The 10 minute surveys rarely take longer than 5 and you can refresh this page to see a new list of surveys until you see a time/reward you like. 
The offers tab also has some great free offers where you can earn up to $0.05 for opening a video. - Be sure that if you have Adblock installed that you open these into a new incognito window otherwise the video wont load. 

3. Bonus Offers
The bonus offers page also contains Global Test Market and Your Survey AU surveys, however these pay less than the Daily surveys but if you are bored you can click through them as in the dailies to find a time you like. 
There are also a bunch of games to open and play for ~2 minutes for $0.05-0.10 which can be fun if you are bored -  some of the games are pretty entertaining. 

There you have it - That is how I spend my time on CashCrate to make money. 

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