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CashCrate is an American website and works like a central hub for a lot of the other paid online survey websites. They offer surveys of their own as well as linking you to a wide range of survey websites where you will be paid back on CashCrate. For anyone who wants to see all their survey earnings in one location this is ideal although you don't receive all of the surveys available on the other websites as I still have some available once I have run out on CashCrate. 

The good news is that they pay in US dollars so with the current exchange rate it is well in our favour.

Ways to Earn at CashCrate

There is a wide range of earning opportunities in addition to surveys, you can receive $0.02-$0.20 for opening up a video to play or for entering your email to win a holiday. Be sure to set up a separate email account if you plan on entering the holiday draws as many of these promotions will on sell your details so you may end up with some spam.
Daily surveys can be completed once every 24 hours and pay slightly more than the regular surveys with the daily 'Global Test Market AU' and 'Your Survey AU' surveys being my favourite for their payout and the ease of completion. Surveys form the majority of my income with a small portion coming from watching videos when I am bored.
There is also a range of bonuses going up to several dollars for signing up to other survey sites. Several of which are already listed in my blog, so it may be worth signing up to CashCrate before the others to cash in on all of these bonus offers.

Play Games for Money at CashCrate

Whilst you don't actually get paid playing games on CashCrate, there is an option to play games and win points which can be redeemed for gift cards including a visa prepaid card. 
You can get points from completing specific 'point tasks' which are the same as the cash tasks they just pay points. Points are worth between 4 and 5 cents depending on the gift card value you choose. 
Entry into the daily and weekly tournaments are 2 points and 1 point respectively and you enter prize pools which pay out 10-50 for the daily tournaments and up to several hundred for the weekly tournaments. With my first 10 points for completing a points survey I was able to turn this into 30 by placing in a couple of daily tournaments. 
CashCrate Games - Golf Solitare, Mahjong Pyramid, Pyramid Solitare, Slobot, Snake Fish, Solitare, Switch, Toader, Tripeaks, Word Noodle and Wrecked Angles
The range of games available at CashCrate

Crates - the game

If you are feeling lucky there is 'Crates', a game specially designed for CashCrate where you click on a crate on the screen for the chance of winning a random dollar amount up to $1000. Entries cost 5 points and for my first and only time playing so far I won $2.48.

CashCrate's Payment Method

The earning periods run monthly and you will need to have a balance over $20 to get paid. 
Payment methods include Dwolla (US Only) and cheque initially. Once you reach silver status or above, PayPal and Direct Deposit (US Only) become available

Cheque are mailed out between the 15th and 20th of the next month. 
Paypal, Dwolla and Direct Deposit pay on the 1st. 

CashCrate Review Summary


  • Lots of survey opportunities. 
  • Links to other survey websites so you don't have small earnings spread out over various websites.
  • Lots of opportunities to earn outside of surveys. 
  • Bonuses for signing up to the other websites listed in this blog so it may be worth signing up here first. 
  • Paid in USD - great with the current exchange rate.
  • Play games for points which can be redeemed for gift cards. 
  • $20 minimum to get paid.


  • Only pay by check until you reach silver membership.
  • Some surveys take up to 24h to credit to your account as they are from partner websites.
  • Monthly payout.

Want to make money online today?
Join me at CashCrate to take up all these earning opportunities.

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